dinsdag 9 november 2010

Adidas Originals Summer 2011

Autumn isn't even over yet but I'm already longing for the spring and summer. Why?! Do I need to say more? Jeremy Scott just gave me another chance to buy the most wanted sneaker which I couldn't buy last year because it was SOLD OUT FOREVER! I searched for the JS Logo in every corner of the world, I even went to London and called out some help in Hong Kong! It turned out that Jeremy Scott was quite famous and still is in South Korea. So all the small sizes went to Korea! T_T unfair!
After I got my beloved white Jeremy Scott Wings my depression over the loss went over :P
BUT here's the chance of a lifetime to buy the JS Logo! It comes in four colourways (which one to pick?!) I also wanted to show you one of the most ridiculous creation in the whole Jeremy Scott x Adidas Orginals collection, the pluche sneaker >.<

Hope you all have a happy day like I do!

<3 J.Yu

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